Formerly Suisha Gardens, C’est Japon À Suisha is a traditional Japanese-owned restaurant
in downtown Ottawa, open since 1974.

We’ve been in Ottawa for 40 years!

Our uniquely designed restaurant offers a sushi bar on the main level displaying sushi on floating boats.
Private rooms and Japanese-style Tatami rooms for special occasions are available downstairs with a running stream nearby.

For general inquiries email or call (613) 236-9602
Reservations are recommended for Tatami Rooms, Private Rooms, Groups, and Special Menus


Nabemono Hotpot Revised

Big News!! On Monday April 13th, we will be starting Nabemono Hot Pot you can cook at your own table, family style. Lots of options to choose from as well!

Posted by C'est Japon à Suisha on Wednesday, April 8, 2015