• Easter Holiday Hours

    April 18th Good Friday Lunch Closed & Dinner Open at 5pm; April 19th Saturday Dinner Open at 5pm; April 20th Easter Sunday Closed; April 21st Easter Monday Lunch Closed & Dinner Open

  • NEW Hirotaku Ramen!

    Available for Lunch from Monday to Wednesday and for Dinner from Monday to Saturday!

  • Any Occasion!

    Our restaurant features a sushi bar upstairs, and private Japanese rooms downstairs. Pick whatever you're in the mood for, whether it's casual or intimate.

  • Take-out Available!

    Want to spend a cozy night in, having a dinner party, or going to a potluck? Call us at (613) 236 9602 to order takeout.

  • Vegetarian? Gluten-free?

    Sushi is generally gluten-free when served with tamari instead of regular soy sauce. We also offer a range of vegetarian options. Don't be shy! Call ahead or tell your server if you have any dietary restrictions.