Izakaya Night - back for New Year's Eve dinner



We are pleased to announced that Izakaya Night is coming back for New Year’s Eve Dinner.
Bring your loved ones as a holiday gift or treat. It really is a unique event!
The restaurant was fully-booked last time so be sure to reserve early.

You can call or email us to reserve your table.

Please give us… 

1. your name
2. phone number
3. the number of people at your table
4. one of 4 seating times: 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, or 9pm.
(There will be 2hr limit per party so be sure to arrive on time!)
5. Any special requests?
(Remember we have two floors and limited seating
in our Japanese Tatami rooms, private rooms and sushi bar.) 

Read about it: “Izakaya” – Ottawa Foodies

Can you say it? EE-ZAH-KAI-YAH!
An Izakaya is a popular place where people in Japan go
to share casual drinks and small plates.

For one night, we’re ditching our regular menus
and serving up delicious Japanese tapas and drink specials.
The selection will range from familiar classics
to surprising ingredients freshly flown-in from Japan.
Join us for this authentic cultural experience.

Don’t forget about our mailing list for next time!
Please send us an email at ottawasuisha@gmail.com if you’d like to be notified next time we put on a similar event.